We are a supplier of construction materials such as: iron, steel, cement, brick, stone, ... for large projects. With the strategy of making the building material supply industry a key industry, we put the interests of our customers and partners first. We are very pleased to work with you!

We is a unit born in the context of the volatile construction materials market, making contractors always busy with finance. We understand the difficulties so we constantly optimize the apparatus and operating methods to provide our partners with construction materials with the most stable prices.

We offer products such as:

Brick, sand, stone, cement

Cement bricks, roofing tiles ...

Types of construction stones and sand

Our building materials service industry is a gathering place for sales teams and construction engineers who are knowledgeable about building materials.The team has a specialized degree and has been forged practical experience from jobs in the construction industry

Why should I choose building materials at Humachaya?

  • Optimal working process and correct price quotation, so commodity prices are always stable.

  • With a variety of means of transportation, we can transport construction materials to all projects so that your project can ensure progress.

  • Fast cargo transport staff, loading and unloading right at the construction site

  • Clean sand and stone are always guaranteed, customers do not need to refine

Humachaya is pleased to cooperate with you!


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